Start of MARTINA programme

MARTINA (Materials and Technologies for New Applications) programme started on 1.8.2016. Project was approved in the call for RTD programms published by Ministry of education, science and sport.

In MARTINA programme the consotium of 16 partners from Slovenia will develop a high-strength steels and aluminum alloys with the aim of achieving material properties which are essential for new applications in the automotive industry to reduce the weight of vehicles and related CO2 footprint and energy consumption during production and the use of vehicles. In the case of multicomponent materials we will take advantage of the ease of use of plastic materials and specific properties of metallic materials. With the introduction of new materials we will develop advanced manufacturing technologies and transformation, which will set new requirements for tools and tool steels. In addition to the properties of tool steels they will challenge even the correct distribution of these features in the tool and sensors, allowing control of the operating conditions of the tool. Due to the increasingly complex shapes of tools, we studied the program procedures innovative 3D printing tools. The result of the program will be prototypes of tool steels. Their properties and the suitability of 3D printing tools will be tested on tools prototypes. The result of the program will also be prototypes visokotrnostnih steel kneading and molding aluminum alloys and prototypes of new multicomponent materials with specific properties. Their properties will be tested and optimized on sample cases, components of the car ilske and electrical industry, which is the horizontal links.


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