A multidisciplinary terrestrial laboratory for research of highly accurate closed loop solutions has started within the framework of Space-SI.  Its goal is to raise the efficiency of micromechanical actuators characterization and to test micro- and nanosatellite interactive visual based guidance by merging them into a common connected solution. This enables comprehensive research of all control elements for orbital maneuvers, from actuators to platform responses (modeling spacecraft dynamics and space environment) and sensors.

Nano Indenter G200

Nano Indenter

Basic hardness and Young‘s modulus characterization at specific depth from few nm onwards; Measuring Young‘s modulus and hardness in compliance with ISO 14577; Dynamic characterization through continuous determination of stiffness as a function of depth;…

Thermal vacuum chamber @ SPACE-SI

Thermal-vacuum chamber

Centre of excellence SPACE-SI and its industrial partners have developed a series of thermal-vacuum chambers for small satellite and satellite components testing in the simulated space environment.

Clean room @ SPACE-SI

Clean room

SPACE-SI has an ISO class 8 clean room for the integration of satellites and subsystems. Before entering the clean room the air is filtered through HEPA filters H14 that remove particles larger to .5 microns.