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Clean room @ SPACE-SI

Clean room

SPACE-SI has an ISO class 8 clean room for the integration of satellites and subsystems. Before entering the clean room the air is filtered through HEPA filters H14 that remove particles larger to .5 microns.

Collaboration in International Space Missions

Centre of Excellence Space-SI will take part in numerous international space missions in the fields of science (Rave, GAIA, Kepler, Planck, Swift and Fermi) and development of new technologies for…


A terrestrial laboratory for research of highly accurate closed loop satellite guidance has been founded. Its goal is to raise the efficiency of micromechanical actuator characterization, to test…


Micro- and nanosatellite technologies

Micro- and nanosatellite technologies will focus on techniques for accurate guidance of orbital platforms during interactive remote sensing and formation flying. The main developmental-exploratory breakthroughs…

določanje obsega poplav / determination of floods extent

Remote Sensing

Fully automatic processing of satellite data is a dream for every remote sensing professional. Within the Space-SI we have done first steps towards fulfilling this dream …