Collaboration in International Space Missions

Centre of Excellence Space-SI will take part in numerous international space missions in the fields of science (Rave, GAIA, Kepler, Planck, Swift and Fermi) and development of new technologies for interactive remote sensing (LAPAN-TUBSAT) and autonomous formation flying (PRISMA).

Interactive sensing offers the operator the advantage of choosing the object of observation during overflight using modern machine vision control techniques that are being developed at the Centre of Excellence Space-SI. We have already gained the first results of computer simulations and satellite data from test space overflights of Slovene territory, where we interactively observed Slovene coast and Triglav area with the LAPAN-TUBSAT satellite. Space-SI closely collaborates with the Swedish Space Corporation which will enable testing of machine vision satellite control techniques during formation flying.

Thus we will test the Slovene-developed techniques (optimized actuators, control algorithms, telemetric solutions and telecommunications via the Slovene land station) in real space environment during PRISMA, currently the most progressive formation flying mission.