Nano Indenter

Accurate mechanical testing in the mili to nano range of loads and displacements

  • Basic hardness and Young‘s modulus characterization at specific depth from few nm onwards.
  • Measuring Young‘s modulus and hardness in compliance with ISO 14577
  • Dynamic characterization through continuous determination of stiffness as a function of depth
  • Scanning uses a stage to traverse the sample under the tip while the tip is engaged to generate an image or surface roughness
  • Quantitative scratch and wear testing
  • Coefficient of friction determination

Nanoindenter applications

  1. Indenting of:
    •  metals,
    • ceramics,
    •  hard coatings,
    • heterogeneous materials,
    • biomaterials,
    • polymers
    • composites
  2. Scratch & wear
  3. Thin Films
  4. MEMS