Advanced Sentinel Imagery Archive

SPACE-SI and Sinergise are developing an Advanced Sentinel Imagery Archive. The new cloud-based service, based on Geopedia World, enables low-cost and simple-to-use operational work with huge quantities of data. It was primarily designed as a platform for Sentinel data, however it can work with any other optical multispectral satellite data. The system offers:

  • long-term data storage,
  • automatic data processing,
  • user-friendly web-based access to data,
  • various on-the-fly visualizations and indices based on band-math,
  • re-configuration of visualization parameters,
  • visualizations of changes of landscape through time,
  • time series analysis,
  • WMS service,
  • download of archive and processed data,
  • support of adding user data-layers (shapefile, geotiff),
  • and more.

The platform is designed so that user-tailored services (e.g. disaster monitoring, vegetation state monitoring) are also possible.

Some of implemented capabilities are presented in the video below.

For more information please send us an e-mail.