Space technologies for smart cities

Centre of Excellence Space-SI participated in the conference Information Society 2015 at Jozef Stefan Institute. At the workshop Smart cities and communities as a development opportunity for Slovenia we presented the potential of space technologies for smart cities and communities.

Satellite technologies have a huge potential to help design more sustainable cities. Combination of Earth observation imagery and crowdsourced data enables a creation of a series of data analyses and applications to support smart urban planning, climate change mitigation and to enhance the quality of life in smart cities and communities.

SPACE-SI with its micro satellite for multispectral Earth observation, ground station, multidisciplinary laboratory, satellite data processing chain and a distribution system based on web and mobile applications ensure the whole chain from the space technologies to the end user friendly data and derived information. Timely geolocated information is crucial for well-organized smart cities and communities. Our expertise is near-real-time processing of space-borne data and the extraction of the needed information from this ever-growing data source.


Martin Lamut during his presentation.