About the Centre

Space technologies are in the process of revolutionary changes, especially in the area of micro- and nanosatelites. Radical miniaturization of integrated subsystems and relatively favourable prices of commercial components (COTS – Commercial Off-the-Shelf Components) have enabled considerable lowering of costs for development, launching and satellite use. Because of these fundamental changes space is no longer reserved only for big research and development institutions from economically strongest countries.

At the Centre of Excellence Space-SI we have identified the outstanding potential of rising technologies and applications and have merged into a consortium, consisting of academic institutions and small and mid size high-tech companies. 46 researchers and engineers will work in the following fields:

  • remote sensing,
  • meteorology,
  • astrophysics,
  • micro- and nanosatellite technologies,
  • collaboration in international space missions,
  • development of a multidisciplinary laboratory for testing space technologies,
  • satellite communications, hybrid antennas and radar technologies,
  • transfer of space technologies to terrestrial applications,
  • RTD results dissemination.

Centre of Excellence Space-SI will facilitate efficient Slovenian integration into international research of space sciences and technologies. The Centre will strongly support these efforts with a network of strategic EU partners from Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria, who will assure consortium’s access to research and development of the most advanced space missions PRISMA, LAPAN – TUBSAT, VENUS and GAIA.

The established Centre of Excellence Space-SI entirely supports Slovene efforts for integration into the European Space Agency ESA and will contribute to a substantial gap reduction between highly technologically developed European countries and Slovenia, which has a very low rating of investment into the area of space research even among new EU members.


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