The Slovenian Centre of Excellence for Space Sciences and Technologies, SPACE-SI, has been
established by a consortium of academic institutions, high-tech SMEs and large industrial and
insurance companies in order to take advantage of the benefits of small satellite technologies and
applications in Earth observation, meteorology and astrophysics. The RTD activities of SPACE-SI
are focused on high resolution interactive remote sensing and formation flying missions. These
goals are supported by the concurrent development of micro and nano satellite platforms, an
advanced ground control infrastructure and satellite integration facilities as well as a
multidisciplinary laboratory for testing of satellite systems and components in simulated space
environments. On the application side, SPACE-SI is developing a complete and fully automatic
processing chain from raw satellite data to web-delivered map-ready images and products. For the
efficient utilisation of geo-located data a crowd-sourced dissemination platform Geopedia.si has
been developed in Slovenia and thousands of data sets with several million data entries have been
collected over the past few years. SPACE-SI has applied these systems to several solutions
including advanced visualisation of real-time high-resolution forecasts of weather and pollution
dispersion, rapid estimation of damages caused by floods, detection of invasive plants, illegal dump
site cleaning and several other government and privately run initiatives as well as several
educational and research projects.

About the Centre

Space technologies are in the process of revolutionary changes, especially in the area of micro- and nanosatelites. Radical miniaturization of integrated subsystems and relatively favourable prices of…


46 researchers and engineers who work at the Centre come from five research institutions: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical…

Collaboration in International Space Missions

Centre of Excellence Space-SI will take part in numerous international space missions in the fields of science (Rave, GAIA, Kepler, Planck, Swift and Fermi) and development of new technologies for…


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