Ground Control Infrastructure

Radome jug

Ground stations are surface-based facilities which are designed to provide real-time communication with satellites. Space-SI has two ground stations. First, Axyom, is located in the Primorska region while the second, Stream, stands in Ljubljana. Stream is the product of slovenian design and represents the next generation of LEO tracking ground control stations for broadband and multiband communications at frequences up to 40 GHz.

Axyom Grund Station

As part of center of excellence project a ground control station system for communication with a wide array of academic and commercial satellites was installed. The investment is of great strategic importance as it will enable satellite communications, command, control and reception of satellite data for scientists working in the fields of remote sensing, meteorology and astrophysics, as well as for developers of new technologies.


New ground station STREAM

With revolutionary advances in the small satellite sector, especially related to the emerging mega constellations, SPACE-SI saw a need to design the groundstation that will be able to track a large number of low powered satellites, many of them cube-sats, that will produce huge amounts of fragmentally generated data.