Axyom Grund Station

As part of center of excellence project a  ground control station system  for communication with a wide array of academic and commercial satellites was installed. The investment is of great strategic importance as it will enable satellite communications, command, control and reception of satellite data for scientists working in the fields of remote sensing, meteorology and astrophysics, as well as for developers of new technologies.

Ground station consists of two antennas, the smaller being set up on the roof of Faculty of electrical engineering and the larger set up near Pomjan. The smaller antenna will be primarily used for transmitting while the large antenna will serve exclusively as receiving antenna.

The ground station is operational since 2013.

With a well positioned and adaptable ground control station station, covering areas of the Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the Mediterranean, the Centre of Excellence Space-SI will become attractive for many research and development groups around the world and will offer support for communications with their satellites during overflights of areas that the GCS will cover.  This will open up possibilities of accessing different kinds of data, information,  technologies and services with a high added value not only for Slovene space activities, but also for ESA members and the wider international community.