NEMO-HD is in space

Today at 3:51:10 CEST the Vega rocket successfully launched 53 satellites into space, including the first Slovenian microsatellite NEMO-HD, which separated from the rocket into its orbit 40 minutes after takeoff. In the morning we successfully established our first contact with it.

VV16 liftoff with NEMO-HD on board.

VV16 liftoff with NEMO-HD on board.

NEMO-HD will be launched on 2. 9. 2020

After yesterday’s successful launch of Ariane 5, the launch of Vega rocket with our NEMO-HD onboard is announced for September 1, 2020 French Guiana local time, i. e. September 2, 2020 at 3:51 CEST.


Vega fairing, VV16. Photo: Arianespace.

Vega Flight VV16 – The next launch attempt is set for 17 August onwards.

Due to the persistence of exceptionally unfavorable winds at altitude over the Guiana Space Center, Vega Flight VV16 – originally scheduled for June 18, 2020 – was repeatedly postponed, despite full availability the launcher and the 53 satellites including the firts Slovenian microsatellite NEMO-HD. The next launch attempt is set for 17 August onwards.

Weather conditions for VV16 launch are improving

Weather conditions above the Guiana Space Center for Vega VV16 launch are improving. According to the weather predictions there may be opportunity to initialise the final chronology operations for Vega Flight VV16 on Saturday 27.6.2020.

Prepared for launch

Preparations for the launch are in the final stage both in Kourou, French Guiana, and Ljubljana.

Prof. dr. Tomaž Rodič during the preparations for the Vega VV16 launch in Jupiter 2 control center.

Prof. dr. Tomaž Rodič during the preparations for the Vega VV16 launch in
Jupiter 2 control center.

Vega is on its launchpad

Vega rocket is with NEMO-HD already on its launchpad.

Installing space cargo with 53 satellites on the lower Vega rocket stage

Installation of the fairing with 53 satellites on the upper stage of Vega rocket (AVUM)

Vega rocket in the mobile portal ready for launch

Vega rocket in the mobile ganty
ready for launch

NEMO-HD is ready for launch

The first Slovenian microsatellite NEMO-HD is ready for launch with Vega rocket. On the 16th flight of Vega rocket there will be 7 microsatellites, including NEMO-HD, and 46 nanosatellites.

NEMO-HD ready for launch.

NEMO-HD ready for launch.

SSMS structure with 7 micro and 46 nano satellites.

SSMS structure with 7 micro and 46 nano satellites.

NEMO-HD will be launched on 19 June

Arianespace has set a new launch date for the Vega rocket (VV16) which will take our NEMO-HD microsatellite into orbit. The launch will take place on 19 June 2020 CET i.e. June 18 local time – the rocket will be launched from European launch site in French Guiana.

NEMO-HD Launch Delayed

Due to the spread of COVID-19, all activities were stopped at the CSG Space Center on Monday, March 16, 2020, including preparations for the Vega VV16 launch, which was planned for March 23, 2020. Our NEMO-HD satellite is already integrated on the rocket structure. After successful one-month preparations at the launch base in Kourou, French Guiana, only three days were missing to encapsulate the satellites and one week to launch.

NEMO-HD pre-launch functional tests

NEMO-HD last functional tests before the launch began on Tuesday, 19 February 2020.

Testiranje satelita NEMO-HD v čisti sobi.

NEMO-HD functional test in the clean room at CSG.